magic flight launch box review

Magic Flight Launch Box Review

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to be writing this Magic Flight Launch Box review. I’ve had mine for almost 3 years now, and I absolutely love it!

When I first bought it, I didn’t know if I was gonna like it or not. And I didn’t know how long it would last me. Technically, I still don’t know how long it will last me, because I still use it every day. It’s never broken, even with daily use for almost 3 years.

I’ll be honest. When I first bought my Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB), I didn’t know what to expect. I had never used a vaporizer before. It took a little getting used to. But once I figured out how to use it (it’s really easy), I started to totally love it.

So now I’m writing this (long overdue) Magic Flight Launch Box review. I want to tell you about my experience with this great little portable vaporizer.

What is a Magic Flight Launch Box?

So, what is a Magic Flight Launch Box? If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a small, wooden, portable vaporizer for your favorite herb.

The MFLB is a very simple little device. It is a little rectangular wooden box with a sliding glass cover. You slide the glass to the side to open up the trench. The trench is where you put your herb. After you put a little herb in the trench you slide the glass lid shut.

mflb review check it out

Then you insert a rechargeable AA battery into the hole in the side. This heats up the herb. After about 3 seconds, the herb starts to vaporize. You then take a long, slow, draw from your MFLB to inhale that sweet, sweet herb.

When you first buy a Magic Flight Launch Box, it comes with the actual Launch Box, two rechargeable AA batteries, two battery covers, a brush to clean the trench, a glass mouthpiece (you can use the MFLB with or without it), and an instruction booklet. It all comes in an attractive little tin with the MFLB logo on it.

You can also buy other accessories for the MFLB. You can get a power adapter, to plug it into the wall instead of using batteries. You can also buy a MFLB grinder, extra batteries, and long whip attachment.

I’ve never tried any of these things, so I can’t really comment on them. I will probably buy the power adapter at some point. When I do, I’ll add a review of it.

Magic Flight Launch Box Review

So, as you already know, I love my Magic Flight Launch Box. Now I’m gonna tell you why I love it.

1. Easy To Use

I’ll admit, when I first got my MFLB, it took me a little while to get used to it. But I had never used a vaporizer at that point. And once I got used to it after a couple of days, it was cake.

This thing is super easy to use. You just put a little weed into the trench, stick in the battery for a few seconds, and vape. It’s really that easy.

And cleaning the Magic Flight Launch Box is easy too. It comes with a little brush that you can use clean out the trench. I rarely have to use it though, because the ABV (already been vaporized) herb usually comes right out.

2. Stealth

magic flight launch box stealthThe Magic Flight Launch Box is super stealthy. I love this about it.

I’ve brought my MFLB with me to a lot of places over the past 3 years. Sometimes you need some herbal enhancement, but smoking is out of the question. This is where the MFLB really shines.

I’ve used it in movie theaters, at the mall, at the bar, and just about everywhere else you can think of. And no one, not even the people sitting next to me, had any idea I was using it.

The MFLB is small, and easily fits in your pocket. And it doesn’t smell, at all. Unless you’re holding it right under your nose, you can’t smell what’s inside the MFLB.

Even when I’m actively vaporizing, no one can smell my herb, as long as I’m not blowing it right in their face. And, unlike other vaporizers, you can’t really see any steam coming out when I exhale. The MFLB is super stealthy.

3. Saves Weed

I can’t tell you how much money I’ve saved over the past 3 years by using the Magic Flight Launch Box. It’s super economical.

I can feel the way I want to feel with much less herb when I’m using my MFLB. The trench is small and doesn’t hold a lot of herb. I didn’t like this at first, because I didn’t realize that a little bit goes a long way in this vaporizer.

One trench makes me feel the same as about one bowl. The only difference is, a trench is about half the size of an average bowl. I feel just as good with half the weed.

4. Can reuse ABV herb

I didn’t realize this for the first year I had my Magic Flight Launch Box. I used to just throw away my ABV (already been vaporized) weed. What a waste.

I didn’t realize that you can use ABV for other things. If you smoke ABV weed, you can get high off of it. It just takes more to get a good effect. When you vaporize, it activates a lot of the THC. But it doesn’t activate all the THC.

And you can also use your ABV to make edibles. I’ve made some great cookies, brownies, and cupcakes with ABV from my MFLB.

5. Reasonable Price

For the money, the Magic Flight Launch Box is great. Other vaporizers out there cost much more, but aren’t nearly as good.

I got ripped off when I bought mine. But I was foolish. I bought mine from a local head shop. I think I paid $180 for it, which is outrageous.

I wish I had known about Grasscity then. That’s where I buy all of my cannabis-related items now. Bongs, pipes, vaporizers, and accessories. I highly recommend them. They have amazing products, a great selection, awesome customer service, and fast shipping.

Last time I checked, they were selling the Magic Flight Launch Box for $119. I wish I had gotten mine from them. I would have saved over $60.

It doesn’t really matter, though. Over the past 3 years I’ve saved tons of money by using my MFLB. I use way less weed to feel just as good. And I reuse my ABV by making edibles and smoking it. My Magic Flight Launch Box has probably saved me between $2-3,000 over the past 3 years. No joke.

Magic Flight Launch Box Tips

mflb review learn moreAfter 3 years of (almost daily) use, I’ve learned a few Magic Flight Launch Box tips. Here’s some tips that will help you get the most out of your MFLB.

1. Grind your herb really well

If you don’t already have a grinder, get one. Weed burns better and more evenly when it’s ground up. This is also true with the Magic Flight Launch Box.

You want to make sure your herb is finely ground before putting it in the trench. It makes it easier to shake around and easier to clean. If you don’t have a grinder, you can get them at Grasscity or on

2. Save your ABV!

I wish that someone would have told me this when I first got my MFLB. For the first year or so, I would just throw away my ABV herb. What a waste.

Find a jar, bag, or other container to put your ABV in. Then save it up and either smoke it or make some edibles with it. It’s like getting twice as much use out of your weed.

3. Only use the brush to clean

magic flight launch box reviewNever use anything to clean the trench except the brush that it comes with. And never use your fingers.

The trench is made up of a very delicate permeable membrane. It’s like a very fine screen. I’ve never had a problem with mine because I’ve always used the brush when I need to clean my MFLB.

If you use anything but the brush, you risk damaging the screen. And if you break that, you’ll likely be launching your Launch Box into the trash. Only use the brush.

4. When it’s time, replace your batteries with stronger ones

The batteries that the Magic Flight Launch Box comes with work great. I used them almost everyday for 9 months before I noticed they weren’t working as well.

But when it comes time to replace them, I recommend buying ones that are a little bit stronger. I’ve tried several different kinds. The ones that work the best and last the longest are Powerex AA 2700mAh Rechargeable Batteries.

You have to take the outer label off the batteries for them to work. It’s not hard, and only takes a minute. Then charge them, and you’re ready to go!

5. Rotate batteries

You should rotate your batteries. What I mean is, don’t use the same battery all the time. Use one, then next time, use the other one.

This will help you extend the lives of your batteries. And, also, you should take your batteries out of the charger as soon as they are done. Just like a cell phone, this will help make the battery last longer.

6. Read the instructions!

This one should be obvious. But I’ve had people ask me questions about their Magic Flight Launch Box that could easily be answered by simply looking in the instruction manual.

The Magic Flight Launch Box comes with a great instruction manual. It tells you everything you need to know about the basics of how to use it. That’s why I didn’t include any of that info here. As soon as you get your own MFLB, the instruction manual has everything you need to know to start vaping.

Where To By A Magic Flight Launch Box

As I said earlier, I foolishly bought mine from a local head shop. Big mistake.

I strongly advise you against buying one locally. Every single smoke shop, head shop, and vape store I’ve been in sells them for over $150.

I recommend you get yours from I love these guys, and order from them all the time. I’ve been using them for around 2 years now. Go check them out. They have everything.


As you can see, I love my MFLB. It’s been very good to me over the years. I bring it with me all the time. If you’re thinking about buying one, I absolutely encourage you to do so.

I hope you liked my Magic Flight Launch Box review. It was a pleasure to write it. I always like writing positive reviews about things.

If you love your MFLB as much as I love mine, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below.