Mangoes and Weed

There has been a lot of talk lately around the internet and specifically in the cannabis community that eating mangoes before or while smoking weed dramatically increases its effectiveness.  While I am generally skeptical about anything that I read or hear on the internet, I figured that there may be some truth to this.  I know that there are plenty of foods and drinks out there that potentiate the effects of certain prescription pharmaceuticals.  One classic example is eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice before using opiates.  It has been well documented that this increases the effects.


But what about mangoes and weed?  Is there any science to back up the claim that eating a mango before smoking weed will get you higher?  Well, mangoes contain a chemical called myrcene terpenes, which is also found in cannabis.  This compound interacts with the THC in cannabis causing it to cross the blood-brain-barrier faster and keeping it active in the brain longer.  What this should mean is that you get higher faster and stay higher longer.

Well, all of this talk about mangoes and weed got me curious….and hungry.  So on my weekly food shopping trip to Hannaford’s I decided to pick up a couple of mangoes and test this theory for myself.  Best case scenario: the mangoes potentiate the weed giving me a faster, more intense, and longer high as I’ve read on the internet.  Worst case scenario: the mangoes do nothing for my high and I’ve wasted time eating a delicious fruit that I occasionally enjoy eating from time to time anyway.  As you can see, there really is no downside.

To test the mango and weed theory I bought two nice, ripe organic mangoes from Hannaford.  I find that they generally have the best produce around here.  On the first night I tried this little experiment I took one mango and split it using my OXO Good Grips Mango Splitter.  These are really handy and I highly recommend using one if you are going to try this.  I ate about half of the mango one hour before I planned to smoke.


After the hour went by I fired up my trusty glass pipe and smoked a bowl of my finest herb.  Unfortunately, I did not find myself getting any higher than usual, nor any faster than usual.  I was very disappointed.  Wrong again, internet….or so I thought.  Usually after smoking a bowl the effects start to really wear off after about an hour or so.  An hour and a half after smoking I still felt just as high as I had an hour earlier!  I couldn’t believe it.  Just when I thought that all this mango business was just more internet BS, it turns out that there is something to it after all!  My high lasted just about twice as long as it normally would.


A few nights later I decided to try this experiment again, but a little differently.  This time I would eat a whole mango after I smoked.  Like before I used my mango splitter to open up the mango.  Then I cut up the mango using my awesome Kotobuki Fruit Knife so I could snack on little bite-sized pieces after I smoke.  I decided to bring out the big guns tonight and fire up my new Roor bong.  After bongin’ down a packed bowl I settled in and munched down my delicious mango cubes.  Once again, I didn’t find that the mango increased the intensity of the weed (although the weed sure increased the intensity of the mango’s deliciousness!).  However, like my previous experiment, I stayed high much longer than normal.

So I guess there is some truth to this after all.  While I didn’t find that eating mangoes before or after smoking got me any higher or higher faster than usual, it definitely kept me higher longer.  But when it comes to things like this everyone is different.  I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that this works great for and I’m sure there are also people that this doesn’t work for at all.  The only way to know for sure is to try it yourself!

Oh, and for those of you who were wondering what happened to the other half of mango that I bought?  I had it with breakfast the next morning because, with or without weed, mangoes are delicious!