Ways To Use Cannabis

When it comes to using cannabis there are more ways to use it than just smoking.  Most experienced cannabis users are familiar with these different ways.  But with so many states legalizing medical and recreational cannabis use there are a lot of people that are showing interest that may not be familiar with the different ways to use cannabis.  This is just a brief introduction to the different ways to use cannabis.


This one should be obvious.  We all know that you can smoke weed.  There are many different ways to go about smoking weed.  Joints, pipes, blunts, and bongs are by far the most common ways to smoke.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with what those things are, here is a brief description:

Joint – A marijuana cigarette.  Cannabis wrapped in cigarette paper.

Pipe – Same as a tobacco pipe, basically.

Bong –  A water pipe.  The cannabis is ignited and filtered through liquid before being inhaled.

Blunt – A marijuana cigar.  Cannabis wrapped in cigar paper.


One of the main advantages of smoking is that it has a very rapid onset.  You can usually feel the effects within minutes.  The effects peak after about 5 to 10 minutes and slowly diminish over the course of an hour or two.  It is also very easy to do: Just pack a bowl or roll a joint and you’re ready to go!  But one downside is that smoking marijuana is probably not too good for your mouth, lungs, and throat.  The dangers of smoking have been well established.  And it smells.  They don’t call it “skunk” for nothing!  If you’re in a situation where you need to be stealthy then smoking is probably not the way to go.


This option has steadily been gaining popularity over the past few years.  Vaporizing cannabis is done by using a vaporizer, which heats up the cannabis or oil and turns it into a vapor that you can inhale.  It does not heat it up to the point where it ignites, so all of the dangers of smoking are eliminated.


Vaporizing is great when you are on the go or if you need to be stealthy.  Most vaporizers give off little or no scent whatsoever.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are large and use electric power.  Others are smaller and use small rechargeable batteries.  Weed pens (aka vape pens) are becoming more and more popular.  They are small, pen-shaped vaporizers that fit into the palm of your hand.

The effects of vaporizing are similar to smoking.  Usually you can feel the effects within a few minutes.  They last a couple of hours, just like smoking.


With so many states legalizing recreational and medical marijuana, edibles are becoming more and more popular.  These are simply foods and drinks with cannabis in them.  Eating cannabis by itself cannot get you high.  The main psychoactive chemical in cannabis, THC, needs to be activated by heating it.  The best way to do this with food is to heat it in something like oil or butter.


One of the ways that eating cannabis differs from smoking and vaporizing is that it takes much longer to feel the effects and they last much longer.  After eating, say, a pot brownie, you have to wait about an hour before you feel any effects (though this differs from person to person).  When you start to feel it, the effects come on slowly but are much more intense.  And you can expect to feel the effects for anywhere from 4 to 8+ hours!

There are other ways to take in cannabis, like topical lotions and hash oils.  But these three are the most common.  If you are looking to buy a vaporizer, pipe, or bong, I highly recommend Grasscity.com.  They have an amazing selection of cannabis products, fast shipping, and excellent customer service.

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